I Refuse to Adult Today

I’ve had it! I’d like to start by saying that I love life, I love loving life. Love finding ways to enjoy every day, even the more difficult ones…but some days, some days……I’ve just had enough!

Some days it feels like I’m being pulled in so many directions that my skin is going to split and all my insides will pour out leaving just a pile of blue jello with sparkles laying on the floor (I’m pretty sure that’s what my insides look like).
As a single parent raising 2 boys alone, the list of things that need my attention seems never ending. School projects, homework, uniforms, and drop-off is just the start. Then there are house repairs, yard work, dishes, and laundry. The pressure of running a company comes from all angles, clients always have some request, complaint, or issue. Workers need days off, have car troubles, are out sick. Trying to find the brain power to manage all company invoicing, juggling the schedule, taxes, insurance…..Then there is cooking, anyone that has ever had to feed 2 boys knows how endless that is. Finding the balance of working enough to pay all the bills, and still have enough time to take care of this endless stream of chores is hard….beyond hard. Someplace in here I still need to find a way to feed my creative brain and unleash the artist within……to somehow still be myself. The person outside of the vices that squeeze me from all angles.

Then I got sick, and all things halt to a terrible crash, falling down all around me. So I can’t, just can’t Adult today. I’m tired of wearing so many hats and having so much pressure on me. Sorry but it’s time to throw my own little temper tantrum….I’ve checked out. Tomorrow I’m wearing a tutu to work, and a flower crown in my hair. And maybe I’ll even have pancakes with sprinkles.

May you have a glorious day filled with sparkles and sunshine….give yourself the permission to be a child today,

Ro (today known as Fairy Princess)