I’m Ro, a child of the ocean, and I literally mean the ocean since I was raised on my family’s boat traveling to different islands and countries. The love of traveling and exploring other countries has always stayed with me.

Growing up, we always returned to sunny, sandy, palm filled Florida where I currently reside with my 2 amazing boys. It’s been quite a journey raising my two boys on my own, but it’s been one filled with love and lots of laughs in our tiny cottage by the beach. My cottage, that I like to call my little palace, is truly an expression of all things me because it is filled with all my sweat and tears in DIY projects, exotic foods and tons of paintings by yours truly!

I’m excited to share my stories in hopes of encouraging and reminding others not to forget the things they are passionate about, and not to give up on these even on the hard days….because if you nurture your passions the bad days will be few!

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