– To Build Up or Tear Down –

One Small Smile:

There are many things in life that we have no control over. Some of us find this terrifying, others find it liberating.Personally, I find that if I can control the small things that make me have a sense of control over my life, I’m more content to allow the larger things that I do not have the power to change to flow over me.It’s the little routines of having my laundry done before the weekend arrives, getting my house clean every Friday, making my boys make their bed every day that allow me to wait for the larger things in life to work their way out. And things usually do turn out just fine in the end. Something that each one of us has the power to control, and sadly many just don’t have enough awareness of, is our ability to affect others. Every day we come into contact with people, some just briefly that we don’t even know, others that we see every day and play a big part in our lives. In all these interactions we have a choice to encourage, build up, cheer, have a positive impact on, or to do the opposite and tear down, discourage, sow discord and otherwise sadden. Sometimes we do these things unconsciously, other times it is very intentional.
In truth, we really know so little about most people. People that we might see on a daily basis often do not tell us their own personal struggles. These are things that perhaps are too hard for them to vocalize, or maybe they are trying to share a smile to cheer us when inside their heart is aching over some personal sadness. The cashier that you thought was a grouchy old man, might be a saddened grandfather that just lost his wife.

The young women that cut in front of you at the checkout counter might be an anxious new mother hurrying to get back to her new baby. That women that shot you the irritated look might not have even seen you because she was preoccupied with how she was going to manage to help her child finish an overdue project by the next morning when she already had a list a mile long she needed to complete.
Spread love, not hate. One simple, genuine smile can change someone’s day. A kind word could be what someone needs to get through that day. It might be the difference between them crying themselves to sleep, or falling asleep with peaceful thoughts.
The price of a kind word at the right time is unmeasurable. There have been days that have been entirely turned around for me by one person’s kindness. You have the power to build people up with just a simple kindness. You can make the world a better place just by choosing to be a positive influence Raising two boys on my own there are many days that feel overwhelming. Lately I have had some larger “challenges” to deal with. I like to keep a positive outlook and a smile on my face as much as possible. There have been days that I’ve cried myself to sleep over some petty, insignificant, unnecessary comment or drama caused by people that have no idea how deeply they cut my soul. And there have been days that one small kindness meant a world to me, and made me see the beauty around me once again.
So for today my Lovelies, I encourage you…share one small kindness with someone and spread more love in this world.