“The Sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in it’s net of wonder forever” – Jacques Cousteau

This is one of my all time favorite quotes because it resonates with me so deeply. Although born in a mountain town, the ocean has called to me since I can first remember. Most of my early memories are of the ocean. Walking out long, rough wooden docks with my hand in my parents. Playing in the surf until getting unexpectedly caught up in a wave. Sitting for hours watching the little fish dart around the pilings as I hung off the docks above to see them. There was always an element of something dark and unknown, and at the same time familiar and beloved, comforting, peaceful.

My Father was a Captain, my Grandfather was a Captain, maybe salt water just runs in my veins……
So much of my work focuses on the ocean. Having moved so many times I think it might be the only true place my heart calls home. When I am working with different hues of blue and green, especially pouring layers of transparent resin, it takes me back to the hours spent watching the transparent ocean waters and feeling so much wonder at what those depths contained, so much peace and calmness to my inner soul. Something that can be so calm and yet so very powerful at the same time. For me, the ocean is magical. And painting it transports me to serene places of beauty and wonder.

This painting “Return to Greatness” is actually a commissioned piece that I took a little too far, and then had to go back and restore to an earlier phase, thus the name.

I hope you feel that same feeling of wonder and tranquility, power and calmness that it gives me.