– Summer Wonderland –

As an artist I am always drawn to color. It’s one the the first things I will notice, and usually what sticks with me is an impression of color. I love bright, summery colors. Anything that reminds me of the Islands that I have loved since childhood.

One of the very first things that I fell in love with when I first saw my old, so lacking in character at this point, Florida box house, was this Bougainvillea vine that had twisted itself around the trellis support off the back of the house. It had snaked itself all around the old piling that was used for support and was such a lovely shade of fuchsia…I knew this yard had magical potential.

14 years later that small vine is a massive tree, almost thicker than the piling it wraps around, and it blooms almost year round with such bright, intense color! That was the inspiration for one of my first Fluid Paintings, Summer Wonderland. Named after the backyard where we have shared so many beautiful al fresco dinners, glasses of wine, and lovely conversations with true hearted friends. Inspired by the colors of one of my favorite plant elements, the twisted bougainvillea.