Spring Cleaning –

Living in Florida, seasons don’t mean as much to us. We have hot and less hot, windy and less windy, rainy and less rainy season. So I suppose Spring doesn’t have the same meaning for us here. But lately I’ve been struck with the Spring Cleaning bug and find I’m obsessed with clearing things out in a spirit of renewal. In tackling my shed, honestly one of my least favorite chores I found the inspiration for several of my paintings in “The Garden of Alice” series.

Treasures found deep in that nasty shed included brown spray paint that I don’t remember buying and can’t figure out what I would have wanted it for. Old lace curtains and several “mystery colored” sample paint tins. Inspiration hit suddenly and hard, and project “clean out the shed”, became “what amazing thing can I create with these lost treasures?”

After some free form background painting combining the mystery paint samples in beautiful flowing drips and swirls, the old lace curtains became a stencil when used with the brown spray paint and voila! Backgrounds with such lovely interest that I knew they were meant for a couple of Spring inspired florals to join “The Garden of Alice”. I choose several of my favorite flowers, Peonies, Iris and Lilies as the focal points and spent many peaceful hours dreaming of spring and the renewal that it brings. Pablo Picasso once said “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. What a great thought for Spring! Purchase some new art, make some art, visit a museum, find art in your life……let art be the “spring cleaning” of your mind.

Make today beautiful,