– Slow Living in a Fast World –

Not fast, as in Ridgemont High, but fast as in chaotic, frenzied, rushed, crammed full of responsibilities kind of life that most of us feel we are living at some point.

So the question is, can we obtain this elusive “slow living” feel that has become the goal you hear everyone talking about? Is it possible to enjoy slow living even if we have a life full of responsibilities and deadlines?

I’ve recently been thinking a lot more about the term “slow living” due largely in part to my dear friend Ms. Eco of Ciao Eco Lifestyle.

We’ve had such lovely chats lately about our goals, dreams, and other things that make us happy. It’s such a pleasure to talk with someone that helps us to see more beauty in life. That’s actually one of the things that slow living means to me.

Taking those moments to appreciate and cherish beauty in small things. When I pour my coffee in the morning, and take a moment watch the steam rise off one of my favorite mugs, the smell of the coffee to fill my nostrils, to feel the heat of the cup in my hands before taking that first eye opening sip…… ahhh! Pure bliss in one small moment.

Yes, I then need to wake up too very sleepy boys and get them out the door to school before starting a very busy day myself…..but in that one moment I’m present, I’m aware that little things mean a big deal, and I’m savoring it.

Raising 2 boys alone and running my own company keeps me very, very busy, and yet, I feel that I do find many ways to enjoy slow living. I really enjoy food, I mean really. I enjoy pretty much everything about it, the flavors, colors, textures, cooking it, savoring each morsel…I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the amount of space that food occupies in my brain.

So one of my “happys” is cooking, and not just cooking, but shopping for, preparing, serving, eating, and yes, I’m one of those annoying people that has to take pictures of all my food. I absolutely love taking the time to find the freshest, most delicious local, organic food. And then finding ways to prepare it.

Slow living means making my own cheese, butter, bread, beer….I love the whole process. No, I don’t get to do it all the time. Yes, sometimes I feed the boys frozen pizza (don’t worry it’s the healthy kind), but as often as possible I love taking the time to enjoy the entire process of feeding my family.

I also enjoy finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our household items. Not wasting, spending less so that I can have more time with my boys. Lazy summer days in our garden with cool drinks and good friends.

This is what slow living is to me. I love that so many people are finding ways to focus more on the little things that make life so beautiful. I would love to hear what slow living means to you so please share your comments, and make sure to visit my friends website for amazing ideas on slow living that will inspire you to find more ways to slooooow down in this fast world.