Lea and Ro love finding time together appreciating art and gathering inspiration. (Photo taken at JF Gallery | Painting by Christina Major)

It’s not often that you meet someone you just vibe with. Several years ago, my GreenDog partner, Lea, and I met at a little boutique that she was managing. I had just decided to follow my dream of being a full-time artist and, although she had no idea, I was terrified to approach her. I jumped into the deep end of the pool and asked if she would carry some of my work in her store. She said yes, and became the very first local store to carry my work. Fast forward over several years of various individual pursuits, Lea one day shared her dream with me of returning to her love of furniture restoration. She had gotten sidetracked and was ready to pick her dreams back up. Initially, I think we were just each other’s cheerleaders. When you choose to walk a path like this, you need those people in your corner that are picking you up on the rough days and reminding you that the dream is worth the struggles. 

Supporting each other on our individual projects quickly led to us deciding to do a couple of collaborations. We just had so much fun working together that we’ve been riding that wave ever since. Each unique piece we create starts with being selected for individual shape, size, and artistic potential. Lea then lovingly restores the piece, giving it a unique color and pattern with layer after layer of gorgeous colors to bring out the details of the original piece. After that, I take her inspiration and add fine art to the piece to further make it a true masterpiece. These are restored pieces that have a beauty that can be found only in upcycled furniture. The distressing that can only come with time can’t truly be copied in newer pieces; it adds to the beauty of each piece. In January of 2020, we made it official and formed GreenDog Creatives. You’ll now find our pieces in several local stores from Hobe Sound to Delray Beach (Hydrangea Flowers & Coffee, Dusted Off Pretty, Azhure Gallery, Oceans Allure). And you can also shop for our pieces online. We also accept private commissions if you have a special piece you want us to work on.

“The distressing that can only come with time can’t truly be copied in newer pieces; it adds to the beauty of each piece.”