One of my all time favorite, soul restoring activities is kayaking. And one of my favorite local places to do that is Riverbend Park in Jupiter, FL., also called Battlefield Park because of the historical battle during the 2nd Seminole War that took place on the 680 acre park.

It’s many hiking, and even some equestrian trails, will take you past various historical ruins from the people that lived here long ago. They have a semi-working Farmstead, and an old Seminole Village where you can get a glimpse of life as it was lived then.

The park is home to all kinds of wildlife and we are usually thrilled to have an encounter of some sort on each visit with either deer, alligators, racoons, snakes (okay, maybe not so thrilled about that one), peacocks, rabbits, hawks, and all kinds of other birds.

It’s one of the most peaceful parks where you can totally feel lost in nature in a wonderful way. But my absolute favorite part of the park is the River. You can bring your own canoe or kayak, or rent one from the Canoe Outfitters right there in the park (they also rent bikes).

Once you have your choice of water transportation, and hopefully a picnic basket of goodies to sustain all the hard work of paddling back up river, you quickly lose yourself in the winding river with large cypress trees hanging overhead giving you blessed shade on hot days.

Whatever heavy thoughts have been weighing on my mind melt away, as the water drips off my paddle and the bird’s songs replace the noise of traffic …

Nature brings a peace like nothing else can. I find myself daydreaming that I’m an Indian Princess, at one with nature, no car payment, no mortgage, no deadlines, or school dropoffs….life becomes so simple.

And even if it only lasts a few moments, I return home feeling more intune with my inner self. And less concerned with all the trappings of a modern life.