– HELLO 2017 –

We spent the last night of 2016 sitting under a blue velvet sky sprinkled with millions of glittery stars overhead as we listened to the wind whip through Big Sheep Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park. It was one of those moments where life just feels so large.

This morning I sit here looking out at the snow covered river just outside the window of our rented cabin, I’m so appreciative of these peaceful moments that I get to share with my boys.

2016 was honestly a rough year, but as it ends I find myself thinking of what I will be taking forward from it. Some pretty great things came my way last year, I had some amazing adventures, I found a new confidence in my choices and find I’m feeling super hopeful about things to come this year. Difficult times, if you allow them, leave you stronger, more determined, and with a deeper self confidence.

Show me someone who has had no challenges, and I’ll show you a person that has yet to become really interesting. A friend recently shared with me that it is our most difficult challenges that become our true defining moments. Those are the things that shape us into the amazing people we all hope to become. Interesting people are usually the ones that take the difficult paths.

I am so thankful that I have an amazing group of friends and family that encourage and support me in my dreams. I’m thankful for my parents that taught me that I don’t need a lot materially to be happy. That it is moments, experiences that truly become our treasures. I’m grateful to my fellow creatives that constantly inspire me to pursue the things that I am most passionate about in life.

I am so appreciative of the friends that are there to pick me up on the days that my dreams feel impossible, my friends that are constantly ready for that next adventure….the ones that make me feel like a million dollars by making me feel like Picasso.

I’m loving that my boys are at an age now where we are sharing amazing adventures together, I’m excited to continue watching them explore the world around them. I love seeing how very different they are, and can’t wait to see the amazing journeys they will take in life.

I’ve got some really exciting things planned for 2017 and I hope you will follow me on my journey. I’ve got several travel adventures already lining up, my first art show in April, a Marathon (my youngest son will be joining me for the first time!) and I’m feeling a whole new chapter as a “creative”…….look out 2017, here I come!

Hightlights from 2016

#1 ended 2016 at Dream Lake, in Rocky Mountain National Park

#2 dirty brushes….painting makes me so happy!

#3 Hurricane Matthew

#4 party pool in Key Largo

#5 Party time with my Special Muse

#6 Disney Bounding with this cool chick

#7 Ziplining with my brothers

#8 all dressed up for some special friend’s anniversary party

#9 Paris

#10 Team Wonderland 5k