– He Flew Away with Her Heart –

I see in color….yes, I know what you’re thinking, we all do. But what I mean is color is the thing that makes the most impact on me.

I’ll remember the color of things, the color of your eyes, your hair, the dress you wore 3 years ago at the park…..but I often forget people’s names, can’t remember directions to save my life, and recalling facts is a nightmare for me.

This painting was all about exploring colors, and textures. It was a commissioned piece that I had complete freedom with.

I wanted to paint something that just came naturally and was about the paint squishing through my fingers, the colors swirling on the canvas and the shapes and patterns in my imagination.

Flowers are a recurring theme for me. Something about the fleeting, unnecessary beauty of them that feels so special and treasured. They are meant to be appreciated in the moment with all of your senses, smell, touch, and those amazing colors, shapes and patterns. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment with this canvas.

Creating an image of sparkling beauty to capture feelings of love and happiness. That feeling of love when you realize someone has taken your heart.