I’ll start by saying that I love room service….I love a posh hotel with amazing services, spa treatments and places that pamper from head to toe. However, as I’m a girl of contrasts, there is something that I find draws me back again and again to the Wilderness. There is just something about going someplace where phone signal is spotty, internet is nil and the sound of the river rushing by, the crickets chirping, and the birds singing are the only sounds that I can hear that just makes me feel so alive and connected to the earth. The pressures and stress of everyday life quickly melts away as I find myself living in just the present, mindful of the earth around me. I’ll admit I live in a wired world, and I love how connected we all are all over the world now. But these moments where I can disconnect are priceless!

One of the places I find myself returning to again and again is Fisheating Creek Outpost. It’s under a 2 hour drive from West Palm Beach, situated just to the West of Lake Okeechobee, right alongside a beautiful winding river that is perfect for kayaking. This place is teeming with wildlife, many different birds, alligators, racoons, and my least favorite…snakes (thankfully I didn’t see any of these buggers this past trip).

There are full hookup sites on one side of the campground for the “glampers”, but personally I love the peace of the no electric, no water campsites along the river. They even have a couple Hike-In sites that I have yet to try because I have my favorites already that allow easy kayaking right from the river bank of the site, and the closeness of the bathhouses. There is also one cabin for rent, that I don’t recommend because the layout inside is quite odd, placing a toilet in the corner of the bedroom with only a shower curtain pulled across for scant privacy….thanks, but I’ll opt for the bathhouse that actually has doors.

Over the years I’ve collected everything needed for a comfortable campsite. Cooking over the campfire is one of my favorite parts of camping. Nothing beats the smell of campfire coffee, and bacon as the fog is still lazily curling over the river…..

Fisheating Creek Outpost offer kayak and bike rentals for those that don’t bring their own. One of my favorite things about this camping location, is that for being in Florida you kind of feel like you’ve gone someplace else. There are so many large trees, that even in warmer months it feel nice with all that shade. And the lighting is always so beautiful. For thrill seekers there is always a swing off a rope swing into alligator infested rivers or the local swimming hole…..I’ll pass on that, thanks.

So the next time you’re looking for someplace to disconnect and stir your senses of the earth I highly suggest a trip to this lovely gem of Florida.