I have vague memories of my first finger painting attempts. I remember limited primary colors, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, and some glossy white paper. I remember the paint smelled funny, almost plastic. I remember loving the feel of the paint on my hands, so slick and cool….Why it’s taken me so long to return to one of the most basic forms of painting I’m not sure…do we think that finger painting is childish? That as we grow we have outgrown it? Oops, I got paint on my hands, I better clean it off quickly so I can continue my masterpiece…

I have to credit my love of being messy, along with several artists on Instagram that I have found super inspirational lately: Julia Badow of Needlewitch, Lydia Fine Art, Elena Henderson Fine Art, and Amira Rahim have such lovely feeds that I could browse through them all day long for the sheer beauty of their work and color choices.

I feel like I’m exploring a whole new side of painting. Something about the paint getting under my nails and squishing through my fingers makes me feel so connected to my paintings. It’s as if the emotions, feelings and thoughts of your inner self just pour out of your fingertips.

Each canvas is marked by the thousands of times my fingers swipe across it, leaving my fingerprint on each work in a very literal way. It’s also really inspired me to play while I’m painting. Not every creation needs to be a masterpiece, sometimes it’s just about playing with colors and paint and finding new creative ways to make images that I find beautiful.

Even if you’ve never painted before I encourage you to give fingerpainting a try. Pick a couple of your favorite colors and just have fun with them. I would love to see your results so please tag me in your photos with #fingerpaintforfun and share your creative sessions with me.

Here’s to life, and sometimes it’s messy in the very best of ways.



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