– Detours –

Life doesn’t always go as planned…..we’ve all faced that before. I found myself really pondering that lately as a detour was thrown smack in my face. The county decided to close, as in entirely shut down, the road that we drive several times a day in order to do some repairs. Initially, they had signs up saying it would be for 5 days that has turned into almost 3 months and counting. This has created so much extra drive time for us, resulting in making me even later than I tend to be on a normal basis.
The thing is, we are faced with detours our whole life. Some are small, maybe just making us swerve a bit, but others are life altering, and may change our entire direction in life. We have this vision, this idea of the life we plan to live, we set out on this path and then BOOM, detour! White picket fence, kind strong brave husband, adoring children…..And then things change.

We find ourselves walking a different path, trying to find a new direction. Sometimes there are signs to help us find our way and other times we need to forge our own path.I’m pretty happy with the detours of my life. The white picket fence was traded in for a tropical jungle of a backyard, the husband turned out not to be kind, or brave. The kids can tolerate me most of the time, although I see signs of those years coming where they find every word out of my mouth annoying. My detours have led me to pursue the things that I love, I’ve thrown myself into my artwork, I have been able to travel, I’ve made amazing friends along the way.

So here’s to detours! (with the exception of that stupid road that’s still closed…..that I may or may not have found a way to “jeep” through on occasion).It’s okay to take a different path. You might find it’s a better drive than the road you planned to take.