I’ve been thinking a lot about growth lately. How beautiful things come from periods of seeming inactivity. Sleep allows our bodies to rest, grow and heal. Rainy days that keep us inside, water the tiny seeds that become bright, beautiful flowers. 2020 was a year where our lives slowed down in ways we had never experienced—that constant rush of activity ceased as work was adjusted and social plans were cancelled. It was like a heavy blanket of snow fell over all of our lives, blanketing us in a silence that could be felt across the world. Over a year later, 2021 and the snow has melted.  Although it’s still raining, and things still aren’t okay, you can feel things stirring underground. There is the promise of new growth, tiny, tender buds of promise. Spring is coming, my friends. In honor of those celebrating all things new and beautiful I’m releasing two brand new paintings for Spring. Soft pinks, bright greens, dusty plums—I’m feeling reinvented and I hope these new additions to my work will impart a sense of hope and happiness to come all of our ways.

 “Tiki Room Antics” has me hearing ukulele music and longing for a Singapore Sling. And “Dreams of Lagos” takes me to the gorgeous beaches of Portugal, sipping a glass of rose, watching the locals jump off the cliffs into the deep blue waters, while listening to the seagulls cry.

I’m ready for those May Flowers, my friends.

Tiki Room Antics

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Dreams of Lagos