She Wore an Itty Bitty, Teeny Weeny Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Red…….you get the picture, bikini.

Dreams coming true over here my friends! I remember wanting to be a professional artist at a very young age. I would draw fashion designs for my Barbie’s and sew them amazing creations. The flashier and more colorful the better. At around 11 years of age I made my first Barbie Mermaid tail and bikini top. It was sparkly aqua and it was the stuff of dreams.

Flash forward to 2020. In spite of what most would call absolute insanity spinning around us, some really exciting things have been happening with my work. I’ve just launched my very first swimwear collaboration with fellow Mer-Babe, Mermaid Bungalow.

Mermaid Bungalow is a women-run, Florida based company that loves our oceans and beaches every bit as much as I do. Our goal was to create swimwear that women of all shapes and sizes can feel beautiful and special in. Each piece is custom created using original artwork of mine, carefully thought out and selected for several different style options. We wanted everyone to find that suit that best flatters them.

So once again, I find myself drawing fashion designs, searching for the brightest, flashiest, most eye catching colors to adorn my beautiful models… this work, or playtime? When that line blurs is when I know I’m living that dream.

Beware of the Sting Bikini

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Featured Models (from first to last):

Savannah Lawson | Model | Instagram: @savcolleen

Megan Doyle | Blogger | Instagram: @megan.collette

Octopuses Garden Bikini

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Featured Models (from first to last):

Jana Angel | Multi-Media Host and Local Celebrity | Instagram: @jana.k.angel |

Serena | Public Figure and Lifestyle Influencer | Instagram: @serenashells

Rude Girl Bikini

Inspired by Rude Bwoy Spirits

Additional Credits:

Photography by Miami Made Productions