Some paintings just seem to pour out of the deepest parts of my soul….this painting was one of those. Most of it was done using only my fingers and hands, so it felt like all my emotions were literally bleeding out of my fingertips. I had recently witnessed some dear friends deal with some very difficult situations, sadly caused mostly by unkindness and selfishness on the part of others. I was struck by the beauty that these ugly situations in life can show us.

To see such strength and love, and hope in someone that has been so greatly hurt. To see them rise above and choose to be better, kinder, stronger people when others have so disappointed them is absolutely beautiful. Art has always been a way for me to express the beauty that I see in life. I know that for some people they like to paint ugliness, or things that are shocking. But life is hard, and there is much pain in life.

I have always turned to art as a way to shine light on the beauty that comes from that pain. I am an eternal optimist, I believe in happy endings, love, happiness, joy….even on the sadest day I feel there is a way to see some beauty.

And so, I dedicate this painting, Be a Flower Among Thorns to all of those women out there that find a way to take a difficult situation and blossom into an amazingly glorious flower. The strength they show is truly inspiring!