– Be a Conqueror –

This week I heard something that really stuck with me. This speaker was talking about the 3 kinds of people in this life, Victims, Survivors, and Conquerors.

Victims he said, are people that bad things happen to. These things tend to break them and destroy the happy life they could have had.

Survivors, have gone through some incredibly difficult things in life, yet they keep going. This is commendable, however, they tend to focus on those negative things and their story tends to focus on those negative things.


Then he spoke of “conquerors” and I knew what I want to be when I grow up! A Conqueror has terribly difficult things happen as well, however they tend to rise above it all and come out on top. They don’t give up, they don’t become bitter, they don’t see the world in a negative way.

What’s the difference between these types of people? Conquerors have hope. They see life in a positive way. They recognize difficult things in life as challenges and opportunities to become better people. To learn, improve and constantly be growing and looking toward a brighter future. When faced with a difficult situation, do you look for ways that it can help you grow? Do you see the positive in your challenge?

One of the strongest emotions behind my art is my desire to find beauty in a world that is something very ugly to us. Art to me, is about beauty. There is beauty even in difficult things. Heartbreak, sadness, and dark feelings can often have a beautiful side in how they make us appreciate more, feel more deeply, embrace what is good in our life even stronger.

So go out there and find beauty in life this week! Embrace your inner conqueror and live your life with hope and joy my Lovelies,