Never in most of our lifetimes have we experienced anything so altogether unifying and isolating at the very same time.

Back in March when Covid-19 first hit we quickly yanked the kids out of school, stocked up on basics, and prepared to spend a couple of weeks at home. Distance learning had us all instantly homeschooling even if that was never on our agenda. Thank goodness the kids’ break was right around the corner and we figured things would soon return to normal. But in the meantime, we were kind of reveling in the chance to get some extra sleep and chill around the house.

March turned into August…..days blending together like watercolors. Never have I ever experienced so many conflicting emotions and feelings at the same time. I think back to when my children were babies and people would tell me that the time flies by, and yet each day felt like an eternity. I pushed forward for that future when I would get sleep, they would talk, walk…feed themselves. Wishing away the moments that were for what was to come, somehow thinking what was yet to come was more desirable.

These times are slower, our days have a simpler feel, like a lazy Sunday afternoon. There are days when all we can think is “when will things return to normal?” Pushing forward for that fleeting moment in the future when all will be right in the world. That’s when I remind myself to stop….be in the moment, this very moment. The future arrives all too soon. My sons both tower over me now. Those tiny little hands don’t reach for mine anymore. They feed themselves (entirely too often from the looks of the empty fridge).

So, I’m embracing this time. We’re making the homemade banana bread, sourdough, pickles, pasta. We’re growing the garden, sleeping in late, and finding funny ways to entertain ourselves. These two are the memories, as much as the trips canceled and activities pushed off. I’m thankful that my studio is on property. I have endless ideas that need creating and it’s a short walk out the backyard to get to that space.

As we withdraw and avoid the business and noise that cluttered our heads before Covid-19, we find ourselves looking within more. What have you found? We have time for figuring out things that maybe our cluttered minds needed to slow down to see.  Some days feel intensely isolating, but all we have to do is reach out to see how many others are feeling that very same thing. I so appreciate the new ways we’re finding to connect. Zoom, Facetime, HouseParty….writing handwritten notes…new ways or old. We’re all going through this. We’re isolated but not alone. So embrace the change, embrace the new, enjoy this moment for what it is instead of wishing it was something else. Because change will come, and these days will be long gone one day. Don’t miss appreciating it for what it is.

My Two Stars

Self-isolating in Style