– Alice’s Garden –

“Alice’s Garden” was a piece that I started for a commission. I tend to have mixed feelings about commissions because although wonderfully exciting, there is always that apprehension going into it, not knowing if your client will love it as you do.

Art is a very organic process to me, and many times I start out with a blank canvas not knowing what it will become until something starts to emerge from the colours and emotions that I am feeling.

It is that process that I love so much, but that makes commissions difficult for me. “Alice’s Garden” was commissioned by an amazing women who has retained a “child-like wonder” that very much reminds me of Lewis Carol’s Alice. For inspiration, I kept a silver pitcher of different Pink and Purple Flowers in my studio for weeks, especially Peonies as they are one of her favorites.

I was doing a lot of brush work and getting frustrated with my results. Then one day I decided  to just put all my colours on my palette and do some palette knife work, and it was like magic…it all just started to come together. The different colors swirling together to create a magical garden that was what my heart had been feeling.



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