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Rise Up!

Lea and Ro love finding time together appreciating art and gathering inspiration. (Photo taken at JF Gallery | Painting by Christina Major) It’s not often that you meet someone you just vibe with. Several years ago, my GreenDog partner, Lea, and I met at a little...

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How Many Summers?

- HOW MANY SUMMERS? - I packed my boys back to school this week. My oldest is a Freshman this year, how did that happen?  I don’t think I’ve felt these many emotions about a school year since the day I sent my little guy walking off into a world that looked so very...

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- Detours - Life doesn’t always go as planned…..we’ve all faced that before. I found myself really pondering that lately as a detour was thrown smack in my face. The county decided to close, as in entirely shut down, the road that we drive several times a day in order...

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