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Sand in My Toes….

Being an Island Girl, living in Florida, the beach is a lifestyle and not just a place. I love spending my days with my toes in the sand, wearing bathing suits, kimonos and beachy boho clothing, bracelets stacked up my arms and scarves in my hair while I play with...

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Have a Swell Day!

Water: it’s ever-changing, constantly flowing, has the ability to be whatever shape makes sense at the moment. When I was first approached by Chad and Jeannie, the owners of Guanabanas, to talk about their ideas for a new restaurant in Stuart, I knew instantly that we...

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Rise Up!

Lea and Ro love finding time together appreciating art and gathering inspiration. (Photo taken at JF Gallery | Painting by Christina Major) It’s not often that you meet someone you just vibe with. Several years ago, my GreenDog partner, Lea, and I met at a little...

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